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News in 2018


YAP Swimming Lesson (Twice a month)

Our young adults trainees started their swimming lessons during the month and they most certainly enjoyed themselves there!

YAP during their swimming lesson

YAP during their swimming lesson

Parents Support Group on 12/05/18

Our guest speaker for the session was Mr Wan Huey Boon, a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) who shared on the topic “Treatments that are available for speech, language and oromotor issues”. He not only shared about the treatment methods, he shared about the importance of knowing and understanding a child as well as explaining more in depth about the definition of ‘speech’, ‘language’ and ‘communication’ and how we can encourage a child to develop these skills.

PSG with Mr Wan Huey Boon
PSG with Mr Wan Huey Boon

Dentist Visits on 07/05/18 & 08/05/18

It is the time of the year again when we welcomed a team of dentists and nurses from Klinik Pergigian Klebang to our centre for their annual visit.

They did a presentation on how to clean and take care of our teeth as well as dental checkups on our students and trainees.

A dentist briefing students & their parents


Parents Support Group (PSG) on 07/04/18

We are blessed to have our Treasurer, Mr Philip Lim to share about the SATIR model in our first PSG for the year.

It was an enlightening time as those who attended the sharing are able to understand more about their own self

especially in knowing and using self-knowledge to cope with possible elements of stress.

PSG with Mr Philip Lim


Outing to Melaka Bird Park on 21/03/18

Our students and trainees had a wonderful time at the Melaka Bird Park. They got the chance to walk around the park with many

variety of birds as well as feeding them!

Trainees feeding birds at the park

Coffee Session on 16/03/18

Parents gathered together and had a great time fellowshipping over dinner. After that, there were a few sharing sessions by:

1)    Our Heach Coach, Ms Lois Fu also shared about methods/ways that parents can use to help develop their children’s communication skills.

2)    Our Executive Director, Ms Chan Saw Si shared about the importance of having support groups amongst parents.

3)    One of our trainees' parent, Mdm Yong shared about her journey with her son and encouraged parents to never give up in their own walk with their children.

Sharing during Coffee Session

Sharing during Coffee Session


YAP car wash from 12/02/18 to 14/02/18

Our trainees and trainers from YAP held a 3-day car wash event as Chinese New Year (CNY) was around the corner. They vacuumed and cleaned our clients’ and staff’s cars.

Trainees cleaning a car for CNY car wash event

YAP CNY visitations on 21/02/18

It was a fun day out for our trainees and trainers as they visited each other’s houses during the festivity. There were lots of shared joy & laughter, fellowship and… food!

YAP during their CNY visitations

YAP café operations

YAP trainees prepared nasi lemak and mixed rice for their cafe operations on

  • 26/01/18 : Our chairman and advisor with visitors from Malaysian Care
  • 10/01/18 : Ladies Christian Fellowship
  • 23/02/18 : Korean Youth Mission Team led by Pastor Choi


With visitors from Malaysian Care

Ladies Christian Fellowship at our cafe

Some youths from Korean Youth Mission Team

CNY Celebration on 28/02/18

Staff and YAP trainees got together to toss yee sang to usher in the new year. The trainees had an exciting time as they tossed the dish and ate some light refreshments too.

Staff & YAP trainees tossing
yee sang

SAP preparing yee sang ingredients

EIP tossing
yee sang during story time

To-date, we have 28 students in EIP, 13 students in SAP and 7 fulltime & 4 part-time trainees in YAP – supported by a staff of 6 EIP/SAP teachers, 3 trainers, 1 head coach, 1 administrator and 1 executive director.


Our year started with the following events:

Volunteers from 03/01/18 to 03/02/18

8 youths from an NGO called Youth For A Mission volunteered at our centre throughout the month. We were blessed as they helped us in making our teaching aids for our students as well as in spring cleaning our centre.

Youths from YFAM doing some spring cleaning

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